Who am I?

London-based Kiwi, IT Sysadmin by trade. My interests include gadgets, photography, Linux, Python, and of course IT in general.

This blog is not tied to any specific subject, so you’ll find anything here that tickles my fancy – which so just happens to be photography and IT stuff most of the time. :)

About the reviews

Any reviews on this site are my honest opinion and are not influenced by any commercial arrangement. Generally they are of products that were purchased by myself, for my own personal use, and I will disclose when this is not the case. Whilst I welcome product submissions for review, such submissions should be made with the understanding that the review will not necessarily be positive.

I don’t strive for completeness, 100% accuracy or technical perfection – generally these aspects are covered better elsewhere. What I do focus on is things that I would want to know before purchase – the review I would have wanted to read. On that basis, if you read a review and want to know something that isn’t covered, feel free to ask in the comments.


I can be reached via Google+, Twitter, or preferably by email on my domain (al4.co.nz).  The first part of the address is my first name.  Requests for technical support will be ignored, please comment on the article instead.


Any opinions expressed on this blog are solely my own, and do not express the views or opinions of my employer.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. David

    hey man,

    I’m also in Auckland doing IT stuff, or at least trying to with the economy the way it is haha. I kind of google stalked you to this page from a random post on drupal about daily notices. Just wondering if you are having success in the Auckland market and whether you need a guy who’s pretty good with the whole Windows side of things (I see you are coming from a more non-windows background where I’ve come from purely Windows stuff and only now getting into some unix stuff).

    Let me know what’s haps,

  2. al40

    Hi David,

    I’d completely forgotten about that post, actually had to stalk myself to find it again!

    Unfortunately I already have good backup for Windows stuff, but it’s always good to work with people that are flexible thinkers and willing to diverge from the “Microsoft way”.

    I wish you all the best.


  3. John

    Hi, Alex came across your site after trying to get a bluetooth dongle that will work on karmic and hardy- are you aware of any, i’ve bought two and neither are being enumerated with a port for Linux to list it on lsusb. tried for weeks to get this thing up and running but no joy- can you help?, Regards John

    heres some of my post on the forums that may help explain more…



    1. Alex

      Hi John,
      Do other USB devices work (apart from the webcam) ? Your problem appears to be with USB rather than Bluetooth, so I’d be Googling along those lines, in particular “device descriptor read/64, error -71″ (remember to omit the minus on -71). If lsusb can’t see it, there’s little chance in bluez being able to. It may also help to add the chipset the computer has to the search string. I haven’t encountered this problem myself, hope you resolve it!


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