OpenSUSE 10.3 first impressions

This was been a much anticipated release for me as the improvements that have been made since 10.2 have been well published. I installed the x64 DVD version today, so has it lived up to the hype? Mostly.

  • Package management has improved a lot, but it’s still no apt
  • The included desktop effects are ho-hum (similar to Ubuntu Fiesty), and it uses XGL even if you have AIGLX available (in short, skip it and install Fusion)
  • Bootup is way faster
  • One click install actually works now and doesn’t require Konqueror (although the Compiz Fusion install wasn’t exactly smooth – details to follow in a future post)

Now I just need a Novell client for 10.3 (will try installing the 10.2 version but I’m not hopeful), and a 64-bit version of ConsoleOne (yes there is one but it’s dependent on some 32-bit java classes!).

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