Running EpNamer on Ubuntu

EpNamer is a useful tool for renaming TV episodes. It’s not open source, but it is written in .NET and the developer has released a version that works with mono.

To run it on Ubuntu, you need to download the Mac OSX version from, mount the image, copy the application to your home folder and install some mono dependencies.

This would be quite complicated via gui so I figure 6 lines at the command line is going to be easier for most:

mount -o loop -t hfsplus ./EpNamer1.4.4.dmg /mnt
mkdir ~/epnamer
cp -R /mnt/* ~/epnamer
sudo apt-get install mono-winforms*
mono ~/epnamer/EpNamer.exe

If anyone’s found a better tool for renaming media files on Linux I’d be keen to hear about it! Unfortunately I couldn’t get the current Windows release of EpNamer (1.4.5) working.

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