Likewise Open – problems rejoining domain after upgrade

There seems to be a common problem with Likewise open not gracefully upgrading on Ubuntu, e.g. – upgrading a system from the distribution supplied Likewise-open 5 in Ubuntu 10.10 to the latest packages from the Likewise website (Likewise 6.0 at the time of writing).

The system in this case was an old Ubuntu 9.10 server using Likewise Open 5. After some patching and an update to the current vmware tools it started failing to authenticate domain users, so I decided to upgrade to the latest version. However after the upgrade I was getting an error when trying to join the domain:

Error: ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND code 0x00000002

The obvious solution is to remove all likewise packages and purge the config, however that didn’t seem to work either. What DID work, was removing & purging the config, manually removing a few directories that were not empty, purging a few other seemingly related packages which were marked as no longer required after the uninstall, and finally reinstalling.

The sequence of commands to resolve the error was thus similar to the following (assuming the system is in the state of having the Likewise supplied packages install but unable to join the domain):

apt-get remove –purge likewise-*

For some reason a couple of packages weren’t removed the first time and I had to do this twice.

After that I had a few messages similar to the following:

dpkg: warning: while removing likewise-open5-libs, directory ‘/var/lib/likewise-open5’ not empty so not removed.


rm -rf /var/lib/likewise-open5 /var/lib/likewise /var/lib/likewise-open

Purging no-longer-required packages that are probably dependencies of Likewise:

apt-get remove –purge krb5-user krb5-config libkadm5clnt6 libgssrpc4

After that I was able to sh ./, run domainjoin-cli, and all worked perfectly.

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